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Our Story

Hi, I'm Emily. Born and raised in central New Jersey, I grew up eating a LOT of bagels. But when my father had business take him to the Upper West Side, he would stop by Zabar's for lox, sable, whitefish, and chive cream cheese, and H&H for bagels, which we would have as a special treat.  These bagels were on a whole different level of unique deliciousness.

In 2010 I moved to the Bay Area and bemoaned the lack of proper bagels. When I heard that my most beloved H&H on the Upper West Side had been shut down for tax fraud, I was so distraught. I took this news like the death of a loved one I just hadn't been in contact with in a long time, and grieved, and said I didn't want to let those bagels cease to exist.  And so I embarked on what became my five year quest, through trial and error, to create a bagel I longed to eat. 

Five years of experiments later I was happy with the result. Friends told me I should sell them! So I decided to give it a whirl, got a cottage food license and did pop-ups which were a huge hit. Then took the plunge to brick and mortar, and opened my first store on College Ave in Berkeley in Novemer 2019.

It's been nonstop bagels ever since! We now have six shops around the Bay Area and a factory, and are planning much more to come.

I am very proud that our bagels are made with premium, organic ingredients, and our staff is paid well and enjoys full benefits.

Once Upon a Bagel

Meet Emily and listen to her wonderful story of recreating her chldhood favorite treat.

Word on the Street

Direct from our fans waiting in line Saturday morning at our College Ave shop in Berkeley, California.

What's with the Name

Boychik, noun (chiefly Jewish/Yiddish). Term of endearment for a cute little boy.

Hallowed Ground

Our first Boichik Shop location was brought to us by a bagel legend.

Proper Bagel Care

We’ve already sliced them for you so all you have to do is keep them in the freezer to ensure your bagels remain the freshest bagels they can be.

A note about H&H

​For many New Yorkers, the original H&H Bagels at 80th and Broadway were the gold standard, the very height of bagel perfection to which none other compared. But they were shut down in 2011 for tax fraud and were mourned by many. (The trademark has since been purchased and put back into use.  For the full story, see: NYT 5/27/10NYT 6/21/11another NYT, GothamistWikipedia, ilovetheuppperwestside.com, this book!)