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Bagel Stories & Comments

I live in Rockridge but used to live around the corner from H&H and Zabar's. I have been a very happy camper since you opened your College Avenue store--for the first time since I moved here 32 years ago I have been able to find a true and delicious bagel!

From two New Yorkers, for the love of god thank you.

I couldn't be more pleased, thrilled or satisfied to have the tastes of my childhood from you.
My dad was in the New York Philharmonic, and would bring home the goods to us in Queens. I remember my first bialy with butter as if it were yesterday - although it as 65 years ago. Nothing like it. But this is IT, again. The taste of the dough, the fullness, the soft, carmelized onions with the poppyseeds. All Bay area attempts are flat, not the taste, and disappointing. THANK YOU for making it real.
My grandfather, when providing a bagels and lunch brunch always featured two big bottles of cream soda and black cherry soda. Always pumpernickel bagels or pumpernickel bread with golden raisins.
I think Flavor has to reside both in the mouth and in the brain. One quick taste can take me - These favorite flavors of my youth evoke memories of my father’s gentle presence and my Bubbie's Russian accent.
Boichik Bagels does it for me. In spades. Immediately I am a young girl with a curly pony tail. You have made my day. In this current isolation –recreating my desired foods is my way to generate joy – with my meals, snacks and and poignant memories. A million Thank You's to you.
I'll be back very soon!
Jan Berman

I was recently on vacation in New York and buying herring, lox, and pumpernickel at Russ & Daughters on Houston St.  There was another customer there from Redwood City and we were talking about how we always have to come to R &D when we are in New York.  A tiny old man behind us piped up “but you have Boichik bagels now.”

As an NY transplant in an interfaith marriage, passing along cultural touchstones to my kids have been a challenge. Boichik is more than a good bagel; it is a piece of my heritage in material (culinary) form that communicates, in part, what it means to be Jewish.
My daughter, Greta, just had her bat mitzvah this past weekend and she was delighted to see your bat mitzvah photos hanging on the wall of your shop.
We are most loyal customers! :)
Shara/Greta/Alex/Matt (Frances)

BTW, was just visiting NY and this was the first time I didn't feel the need to bring bagels back on my return trip (because Boichik bagels are that good!).  Thanks for what you've built and are continuing to build!

We moved here from NY, where my husband was the third generation of his family to walk to Essa Bagel and Russ n Daughters every weekend. He’s been so sad, lamenting the state of bagels here, until he discovered yours. We don’t live nearby so picking up your bagels will be the best Father’s Day surprise we could’ve given him, and literally food for his soul after a lonely year so far from our families. Thank you so much for making it a good one!

These bagels are part of a ~new~ family tradition. I ordered them last Father's Day to enjoy with my dad who said they were some of the best bagels he'd had, a big compliment from he was a native NYer. I didn't know it would be the last time I'd see him as he passed a few weeks later. This year my family is getting together over Boichiks to honor him and plan to for years to come. Thank you for making such great bagels, I know my dad would be proud.

Emily! You are doing God's work! The East Bay needs you and they need your bagels!

You ARE the real deal! Finally, a decent bagel in California. I've been waiting a long time for you. Thank you. My husband and daughter finally have tasted a NY bagel, the way it's supposed to taste. Just the right chew. And great to have the TT cream cheese too. Some wait for the messiah, I was waiting for these bagels! I knew it was going to happen eventually. Worth the shlep! :) Live and be well and be nice to my boychick husband when he picks up these bagels.

Hi Bagel G-ds, Please tell Emily I said "Hi" and that I'm so very grateful that she finally had the nachas to bring the best bagels to CA. I think it's beshert that she would chose to come to Berkeley, my spiritual mecca and that I would be living a stone's worth away (who am I kidding, Walnut Creek is a shlep). My daughter, Sarah is coming home from college (UC Davis, another shlep) and she too is addicted to your bagels now. I tried very hard to order her egg bagels and my everything and plain bagels and my husbands raisin last Sunday and freeze and hold out for her visit. But alas, I am weak and need more bagels. I am now, as I was when I lived in NYC (on 57th street between 9th and 10th) a bagel-a-day-a-holic. I'm considering writing a book called "The Bagel Diet." Did you know you CAN lose weight and still eat a bagel a day?! It is true. 20 pounds down and I have not given up my bagels. Another 10 and maybe I'll get myself a t-shirt (or a mug, I'm losing weight after all). I'm sending my boychick with this. He gets embarrassed at my notes but I'm a writer and I persist. Emily, it's beshert, I tell you. Maybe I will write your life story one day. After the diet book of course. Feel free to Challah back! Bonnie

Honestly, my husband was born in NYC and hasn't had a bagel like a NY bagel since he moved decades ago. This brought him a piece of home. Thank you! We probably won't eat any other bagel from here on out. 

Thank you so much for adding Napa to your monthly delivery schedule. Your bagels and lox and white fish salad were amazing. We had Zabars delivered last week and your bagels and lox were far superior.

The Boichik is my fave @ Russ & Daughters- makes me even more excited you are opening shop soon! We are all rooting for you

You've impressed this New Jersey native with the quality of your bagels. I moved out here in 2008 and despaired ever since of having a good bagel ever again. Your bagels have freed me from that despair.

When, already? Can't wait!!!

Your bagels are yummmmmmmmmy!!!

My boss, who is from NYC, keeps talking about his quest for the perfect bagel and never found it until now. I gotta have it. PLEASE.

I tried your bagels at the ERF and fell in love!!!

Born in 1931. Desperately need a real bagel.

Suburban new york Jewish boy w a bakery-owner grandfather from Brooklyn, energy regulatory attorney, Burner, Phish phan and bagel lover says Thank You, boichik, bring on the bagels

Honestly, reading about boichik bagels made my day. I’m a picky snobby NY Jew who has even raised my kids to turn up their nose at Noah’s et al. Thank you!!

Displaced Brooklyn native who would ride the subway an hour each way after school JUST for an H&H bagel!

I almost cried when H&H closed. I love that you are doing this. It is a mitzvah!

H&H was our favorite as well. Cried when it closed. Basically we rarely have bagels anymore.

My husband and I are expats from the Upper West Side of NY. Need I say more?

Just got back from New York and made a pilgrimage to Mecca (Zabar’s). Looking forward to having REAL bagels in the Bay Area.

I grew up in Queens and LI. Still searching for the aroma of bagels fresh from the oven, too hot to eat with the perfect texture inside and out!!

I also miss H&H Bagels. My favorite when I was in NYC, and my ex-wife would bring some home when she would visit her uncle who lived in the Upper Westies.

I grew up on bagels in Manhattan in the 70s. Last trip back East was nearly 20 years ago, so I'm looking forward to this!

I’m from Brooklyn and am desperately seeking real bagels in the East Bay. Best of luck to you!

Tried a 1/4 piece at the Jack London Eat Real festival, and spent the entire rest of the day wishing I had bought 1 (or 100) more. Your bagels are amazing!

I'm from NY and am so grateful for your undertaking!!!

I'm from New York and I've been waiting for you for more than 60 Years!

I've lived here 7 years and you may just make my dreams come true.

Grew up in Bergen County, NJ. Lived in Manhattan for 14 yrs before coming out here a few yrs ago. Have been enduring the atrocity they call bagels out here and am hoping you are the answer!

I'm from the East Coast (Boston, NY, New Jersey). I live in Alameda now (which I love) but I've been struggling in this bagel wilderness for over 20 years! Please rescue me before I starve ;-).

Last time we hit H&H was in 91 (?) Brought home a giant bag on the plane & put them in the overhead bin...everybody around us was looking for where the wonderful smell was coming from.

I moved here from Brooklyn and I haven't had a good bagel in 5 years, PLEASE HELP.

Lived in NYC for 5 years and it still hurts my soul whenever I eat a disappointing bagel. Any opportunity to eat a bagel even potentially close to the deliciousness of H&H (or Absolute Bagels!) would be a dream come true, especially if there was whitefish.

I grew up in Englewood. My Father still lives in Chelsea. I visit infrequently, and have not lived in the NYC area for decades - so mediocre bagels are just part of life. NO MORE I SAY, NO MORE! I'm terribly excited about your business. I'm not even gonna

Also loved H&H, thrilled by prospect of a queer-owned bagel shop within an hour of us!

I grew up on 77th and west end, 3 blocks from the original H&H bagels. Every Sunday morning was bagels from h&h and smoked salmon from Zabars. I would get whatever was warm, no need to toast, it was magical. I am excited to see how close you get.

For years I had H&H bagels shipped to me here. I still cannot believe they closed. So I hope your bagels will be a worthy successor. Kudos for your perseverance in perfecting your recipe.